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A college student decided to live in this tiny house instead of the dorms – wanna see it?

18. February, 2016|feature post|No comments

I’m fascinated by these small houses, and here’s one more example – what do you think?

Lincoln home sales set record in 2015

31. January, 2016|feature post|No comments

Despite the low inventory of available homes for sale, Lincoln set a new record for home sales last year – get the scoop here!

9 Tax Breaks Every First-time Homebuyer Should Know

12. January, 2016|feature post|No comments

There are advantages to owning (other than the obvious one – not renting!) Make sure you or your accountant are taking every deduction or credit you’re entitled to …

15-year mortgage vs 30-year mortgage

12. January, 2016|feature post|No comments

Which mortgage is better? It depends … good info here.

How to stage your home properly to sell

23. December, 2015|feature post|No comments

Good article, and I especially agree with #3 and #10. When you read the article, you might be tempted to look at the pictures and say, “Yeah, but we don’t live in a house like that!” Doesn’t matter – if it’s priced right and properly prepared for market, the hard work of staging will be worth it.

Smart Rooms – not quite what you think!

18. November, 2015|feature post|No comments

I have to admit, this story is not what I thought it would be! Learn more

Granny pods?!

9. November, 2015|feature post|No comments

These are interesting. Don’t think they’ll catch on in Lincoln (the price might have something to do with it, and that’s before we start talking about protective covenants …) Still interesting

8 Tiny Houses with More Storage than Your House

9. November, 2015|feature post|No comments

While I don’t think Lincoln will see a tiny house movement any time soon, it’s fun to look at these houses and see the creativity with limited space – check it out here!

The perfect house, according to Pinterest

12. October, 2015|feature post|No comments

Gotta admit, it’s a nice place. It wouldn’t fit on most Lincoln lots, but hey, we’re dreaming here!

Get your trees checked now – here’s why …

12. October, 2015|feature post|No comments

There’s a nasty bug headed our way, and it’s going to destroy a lot of Lincoln trees. We’d recommend having an arborist check your trees now to see if you have any ash trees, and if so, make plans to remove them. Story here

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