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Uber co-founder sets sights on real estate industry

4. August, 2016|feature post|No comments

I’m an entrepreneur, too, so I appreciate what he’s trying to do here … but if I’m the seller’s agent (or the seller), I have a huge problem with this. Conversely, if I’m the buyer’s agent (or the buyer), I love this! Read more here.

Pay attention to Lincoln …

24. June, 2016|feature post|No comments

It’s an older article but no less relevant today – good reading here on how Lincoln is attracting venture capital for start-ups, and how the city is working to retain its students after graduation.

Protest your property’s tax valuation!

13. June, 2016|feature post|No comments

The Lancaster County Assessor is accepting property valuation protests through June 30th. Protests can be filed with the County Clerk’s office and more information and forms can be found at the link here. Mailings postmarked July 1 or later will not be accepted as timely filed.

Zestimiss – why the Zillow CEO’s house sold for 40% less than the Zestimate …

6. June, 2016|feature post|No comments

Zestimiss … love it! Most buyers are using Zillow to look for homes and compare values, but here’s more evidence that an algorithm isn’t the best way to price a home. Good read …

Near South promo video – check it out!

20. March, 2016|feature post|No comments

Whether you live in the Near South neighborhood, or you’ve considered it, this video gives a great flavor for the area!

Mortgage strategy? Depends how old you are …

10. March, 2016|feature post|No comments

Your mortgage strategy is probably different if you’re a millennial, Gen Xer, or a boomer. That might seem obvious, but your stage in life could play a big part in your decision-making over what type of loan to get. Good info here

Dracula’s castle is actually for sale …

6. March, 2016|feature post|No comments

… and it’s pretty amazing! Of course, you’d have to move to Transylvania

7 of the World’s Most Mind-Blowing Homes

28. February, 2016|feature post|No comments

Obviously no restrictive covenants or homeowner association rules to worry about here

Destination: downtown Lincoln

24. February, 2016|feature post|No comments

Not surprising, given all the development of the Haymarket area over the last several years … millennials are especially drawn toward the downtown area …

Lincoln named 2nd best capital city

24. February, 2016|feature post|No comments

Not sure if too many Lincolnites are gonna be excited about coming in second to Texas, but still, 2nd place out of 50 isn’t shabby 🙂

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